Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Formula for Success

(Wonderful Husband + Bear + Park)

+ (((Me + Kona + 2 mile run) / 85 degrees ) X (Running 1.25 mile w/out stopping))

+(Nice kick left in me at mile 1.25 to show off for folks at park)!*

- (Kona chasing geese)

- (Kona barking at kids)

- (Kona forcing my pace)

+ (Kona on best public behavior of his life)

+ (brief visit at Bear's park)


*Why yes, that IS a factorial! Little shout out to my geeky peeps : )

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sporty Yet Orthopedic

Realized we're leaving on yet another vacation that I don't have adequate footwear for, and ended up spending almost 5 hours yesterday dragging poor Bear around trying to find a decent pair of sport sandals.

I heart my Birks, but leather plus hot sweaty walking all day = bad stinky shoes. And my Chacos rock, but I feel their walking limits on the 2 mile jaunt to Bear's park and back.

Read great things about Merrill and Eco sandals, but of course could not find anywhere with them in stock. Not even the uber awesome REI, which is pretty much always worth the 3 hour round trip. Went there just to try on the Keen Whispers, but it turns out they run more narrow than most Keen sandals and didn't work out. Tried on the Keen Venice H2 sandals to compare, but they were so chunky and ugly I couldn't do it. Plus, their generous width was still not enough for my hobbit feet.

Tried on the Teva Tirra sandals on a whim (i.e. last resort). Pleasantly surprised that they were wide enough and seem to have enough arch support. They seem to have a dual personality - the ankle strap says "I'm a rugged sport sandal" and the bottom half says "I'm an orthopedic nightmare trying to be cute."

Wore them on errands today and am happy so far. Now I'm not dreading the all day walk around at St. Louis Zoo this weekend.