Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday

I have days when being in my late 30s feels really old... like when I hear teenagers asking store clerks where the legwarmers are and I'm all "um, hello, it's NOT 1986." 

But mostly, I feel like this is a great age to be and I try to enjoy being young. ish.

Regardless of what kind of day I'm having, I never stop feeling this way about my holiday birthday.

Not Exactly Funny 'Ha Ha' But We Laughed Anyway

Sitting around the table after a belated Christmas dinner with what's left of my mom's family, we were randomly chatting and the subject of birthdays came up (and not by me).

A minute or so into the topic you could see a light go in on my mom's face. She reached across the table to get my attention and says (Ooooh how I wish I was making this up):

"Hey, in case I forget, happy birthday"

This actually happened a couple of years ago.   This year she remembered... and texted me. *head desk*

Monday, December 27, 2010

I Bet Santa Rides a Trek Too

A while back I asked Bear what kind of bike he wanted for Christmas.  Bear said "A red one!!"

Did you know that every decent bike model out this year is green or blue or orange or neon yellow or any color of the rainbow that's not red?

I knew the Trek Jet 16 (after exhaustive research, the model I favored anyway) came in red.  I just couldn't find one anywhere - all the bike shops had blue.  Turns out the red was from a previous model year.  Cue the fruitless searching.

One last ditch Google the week before Christmas turned up what might possibly be the last red one in existence, at a bike shop about an hour from here (and on clearance to boot!). 

I know this looks like Bear is more excited about the Percy train, but me asking him to stand by his bike was the first time he EVER he voluntarily posed for a picture... and he smiled!

Here's a better shot of the bike bling...

I was worried that it would take a few weeks or months for him to figure it out, but by the end of the day he was zooming up and down the hall, doing intricate loops around furniture and asking when he can "take bike outside go fast!!"

I think I know where my run workouts are going to come from this spring!