Monday, June 21, 2010

Her Sun Set Too Soon

I just found out about what happened to Wendy Buckner.

Because we lived in different countries, I only got to hang out with her once in person. But I was immediately drawn to her, and I enjoyed every moment in her wise and witty presence. We've stayed in touch the last few years, and the news of her passing hit me hard enough to stop everything and have a good cry.

Godspeed, Wendy. I hope that red Prada purse is waiting for you in Heaven.

Wendy at the 2007 IMWI Tri Blogger meet up.

Bulletish Points

Life is hectic, still buried under those two big website projects with no end in sight. But the clients are happy with the work I'm sending in, so it's all good.

Squeezed in an afternoon at the lake on Saturday with Bear. And my BFF and her toddler (Bear's favorite human being on the planet, whom he asks for daily.) And another awesome friend and her 1 yo and 3 yo. And my sistah Dag and our godson the unbelievably Adorable Quiet Child.

I think the kids had almost as much fun as I did.

Had a GREAT time. Discovered that A) SPF 70 rocks and B) there are bits on my back I can't reach with SPF 70.

Which brings me to C) Lidocaine aloe gel rocks. Someday I'll be able to put on a bra and lean back against a chair again.

Oh, and a quick jaunt out to the middle of the (tiny) lake proved I've been doing the right thing by my shoulder by *not* swimming. Not that my pool is open - now they're hoping for repairs to be done by July.

Not sure if I already mentioned... Bear's EEG was clear. So, officially no seizures. Which means the explanation for his little "spells" are probably self-imposed time outs by a sensory overloaded brain.

Shoulder still a problem, already hurting again just a few weeks after cortisone shot. Didn't race in Naperville on the 13th, but did go volunteer and had a BLAST.
Apparently when you know what's going on, organize your station and answer all the athlete's questions they give you a walkie talkie and put you in charge. Made it worth getting up at 4.

And the total bonus was I got to see MommyMeepa obliterate her PR by 30 minutes! She so totally rocked that race, I can't wait to hear how she does at her first Oly next month!