Thursday, May 28, 2009

At Least I Look Good in Green

Calorie Nazi Status Report... broke that frustrating plateau. I'm still about 6 pounds above where the Nazi thinks I should be by now, but I'm (very) slowy and (kinda sorta) steadily moving in the right direction again.

Upcoming Race Status Report... um, yeah. I have a race in 2.5 weeks. My foot, clearly, did not get the memo I should have been ramping up my workout frequency to prepare for this. Nor did my motivation level. Or my toddler's sleep habits. Or my work schedule. But I'm going and I'll have fun and I'll probably even finish, as long as I stick with the plan... slow and steady.

I'm trying to let go of my typical obsessive perfectionism and am all about being the tortoise amongst the hares at whatever I manage to achieve this summer. But that's ok, because green is a good color on me.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Worst Workout Ever

Took Bear downstate to visit my mom and the rest of my family this weekend.

Drove 250 miles through storms so bad I repeatedly questioned my sanity for making the trip, arrived to 14 inches of water in Mom's basement. My mom who's clinically depressed and has a hoarding problem and never lifts a finger to do even the most basic housekeeping task. (My SIL goes by EVERY SINGLE DAY to try to keep a handle on the insanity. And the smell.)

The SIL and I put at least 40 hours into cleaning her house out this weekend... only about half of which was related to the flood.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Friday, May 01, 2009

Best. Therapy. EVAH.

Life has been getting to me lately, so this morning I developed my own private counseling regime to do with my treadmill the therapist who lives in my bedroom...

1) Drop the Bear off with a responsible adult. Or if really desperate, with his grandma.
2) Plug iPod into treadmill speakers and crank volume to just shy of rupturing eardrums.
3) Cue up Theory of a Deadman's I Hate My Life.
4) Set therapist to fastest sustainable pace and scream song at top of lungs while running ass off.
5) Replay song as necessary until the endorphins make you happy enough to hug strangers.