Saturday, August 28, 2010

Doing the Right Thing

Made the difficult decision to take a pass on the women's tri in Indianapolis I wanted to do this weekend.

Even though business has picked up on the front end, clients are painfully slow to pay their invoices on the back end.  Things are predictably tight because of this.  So between the tri this weekend and the trip to Minnesota next weekend so Grandma Clara - who's rapidly going blind - can see her only great grand Bear... where to spend what little travel money we could scrape together was a no brainer.

I feel good knowing that the workouts I've been able to sneak in recently told me I would have been able to finish the race strong and happy, with little or no shoulder discomfort.

And because I can haz mad copy skilz... and a personal trainer peep whose growing business was in dire need of a website rebuild... I can haz personal training that started yesterday!  Because friends don't let friends get fat and lazy / have suboptimal internet marketing.

I'd casually "worked out" with my trainer friend in a side by side treadmill chat kind of way.  But oh. em. gee.  Are you ever in for a fantabulous feel the burn sweaty hour if you're her client!

This has given me a whole 'nother reason to look forward to Fridays.

(If you're in the northwest Chicago burbs and in need of a trainer, check her out. Plz note: as of link time, this was the outdated site I had nothing to do with. Upgraded awesomeness to launch in a few weeks.)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Three Times the Awesome

July 26, 2010 Chrissie Wellington Event

I went to the Chrissie Wellington event sponsored by Runners High n Tri in Arlington Heights.

It was awesome.

Meeps and me happened to be next in line, so we snuck a quick photo in front of the official backdrop when Chrissie took a restroom break.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Not much to report in tri doings for me, other than a lovely open water swim two weekends ago, a very nice brick last weekend and a kick ass Q&A event last Monday night I went to with Meeps where we got to meet Chrissie Wellington.

Yeah, THAT Chrissie Wellington : D

(yeah, I know, no photos, it didn't happen. Hard copy in hand, still working on getting e-copy from the event folks)


Like I said. In lieu of anything real to report in my tri world, thought I'd do a virtual happy dance on another topic near and dear to my family's heart...

Prop 8 Ruling

Farewell, Proposition 8. You won't be missed.

Fancy embed courtesy of award winning blogger Joe. My. God.