Thursday, November 18, 2010

New and Old

I haven't been tri blogging much lately, but not for lack of interest or desire.  I've just had to be rutheless about priorities.

So many things are happening - some are new and exciting and some are new and scary and some are old and necessary.  All are for the better, and with diligence some of them will help bring me back to my beloved tri community sooner or later. 

In a nutshell...

Work was great this year.  So great that I barely had time to keep up, now that Bear is napping less (and his therapy schedule wouldn't accomodate any more than 1 morning of daycare).  My confidence in myself as a consultant has skyrocketed, years of networking and skill development have paid off, and I landed a couple of high end international scope clients this year.  There are days I'm in tears from the pressure of getting it all done, and it's frustrating to have turned down a couple of jobs due to time limitations when I needed the money.  But I'm proud of myself and looking forward to what next year brings.

I just got a long overdue PCOS diagnosis.  It explains everything that the thyroid problem alone does not, and I'm grateful to finally have these additional problems recognized. I started on the new scrip about a week ago and am having a moderately challenging transition. (If you've ever taken Metformin, you know what I mean.)  But if it means A) way better chances of having another baby, and B) way better chances of not following everyone in my family down the path of Type II diabetes, then I'll suck it up and hopefully I'll be one of the patients for whom the side effects dissipate in a couple of weeks.

I've started seeing a trainer once a week.  It's not enough, but it's all I can manage right now.  I can already see the improvements, and in general it's incredibly motivational.  Just knowing I'm already taking this (big, time consuming, difficult at this time) step has made it easier for me to go back to making the positive choices of my heavy training days.  I'm also easing yoga back into my schedule. Because, well, yoga rocks.

My beloved Baby Bear turns 3 tomorrow.  The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster, with all the transition meetings as he ages out of Early Intervention and moves under the jurisdiction of the school district.  I just got out of his IEP meeting this morning and am now working out what our weekly schedule (group therapy, daycare, home therapy stuff) will look like between now and next August (when he can start preschool).

He's doing AM. A. ZING.  So much so that many people who meet him now have no clue that his bowl of alphabet soup is full of neurological acronyms.  I'm so proud of him I can hardly stand it.

Over the summer I launched a blog at to have an outlet for the deeply challenging and emotional ride that is life with a special needs child.  I now participate in a community of special needs mommy bloggers (our segment is SPD with a signficant overlap in Autistic community).  I've become a member of the SPD Blogger Network and was recently honored with an invitation to become a bimonthly guest contributor on the award winning author's blog Hartley's Life With Three Boys

I thought about it long and hard, and I decided to keep this blog alive too.  I know in my heart triathlon will continue to be a part of my life, and the girls over at the SPD network don't really care how much I improve my swim or that I negative split the Turkey Trot 5K  : )

I miss you all, and I do try to keep up with you in the rare moments I steal to peek at my Reader feed.  If you see comments from shesalwayswrite, please know it's just me too busy to log into my triathlon account.

Hugs & love to all my tri peeps!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Funny Cycling Jerseys

Found out about these from a cyclist friend on Facebook and couldn't resist sharing them here.  The only question for me is which one to get!

You can find these and more at